Tenant Build-Outs

What is a tenant build-out in the construction industry?

A tenant build-out refers to the construction activities that are needed to renovate a commercial space in order to make it functional for a tenant and fit the tenant’s specific needs. Whether developing a retail marketplace, remodeling a space for a restaurant, creating a new office space, or building out any other type of commercial construction project, Bear General Contractors offers the highest quality and reliable tenant build-out services customized to a tenant’s needs.

How much does a tenant build-out cost?

Before signing a lease, it’s important to understand how much the tenant build-out will cost because a landlord will typically only agree to cover a certain amount for tenant improvements. The cost and time needed for tenant improvements varies widely depending on the existing condition of the space, as well as the needed improvements. The unique needs of a tenant determine the build-out of a leased space, but it often involves the removal/demolition of existing walls, construction of new sheet rock walls, new flooring, new paint, plumbing, etc.

The Architect / Contractor Relationship

Build-outs frequently require an architect for design, with the architect and contractor working together closely for compliance purposes. Bear General Contractors offers design-build services to ensure better management of your project.

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