Multi-Unit Development Builders

What is a Multi-Unit Development?

A multi-unit development is a property development project with more than one dwelling being built on a single piece of land. This means, more than one house or unit. Multi-unit development builders are successful and sought after due to population growth. They can strategically plan projects that can be a highly profitable investment.

Photo of Studer Community Institute Tower, a commercial construction project of Bear General Contractors


Multiple units and stories within one building. Apartment buildings may also have various shared facilities for residents to access such as a pool or laundry.


Units are typically small detached houses built on an allotment that share the same driveway. Because they are built on a single level, they are quick & cost effective to build when looking at multi unit developments.


A duplex is a single building with two dwellings that share a common wall.


A triplex is the same as a duplex but with three dwellings sharing one building. They usually share a common floor plan and sizing as well.


A subdivision is when the property holding a pre-existing house is split into two sections, and a new house is built behind or beside the existing house on that property. The owners can then rent, sell, or lease the houses on this property.


Townhouses are multi-story buildings with small footprints built vertically so they are ideal for smaller properties.

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