Medical Construction and Design

Bear General Contractors are leaders when it comes to medical construction and design in Pensacola

Healthcare construction in Northwest Florida has evolved as much as medicine has advanced. Any commercial construction work involving hospitals or other medical facilities requires a unique set of construction knowledge. Our experienced team at Bear General Contractors understands the complex and wide-ranging needs of hospital administrators and their medical staff.

This means we are able to deliver high-quality medical construction and design within your board’s budgets and on your company’s time schedule. This is why so many of the area hospitals, urgent care centers, academic medical centers, medical research facilities and physician practices turn to us for their construction needs. From design-build to renovations and expansion projects, we know how to account for transport routes between areas, the special equipment required for delivering optimal care, and the configuration of the spaces where medical machinery will be kept so professionals can run tests and stock proper supplies.

Photo of Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery, a commercial construction project of Bear General Contractors

Healthcare Construction Rules

Every state, including Florida, has established regulations and standards that apply to medical construction and design. Medical construction companies must follow many regulatory and technical requirements that have been set forth by local authorities. Our team has been trained and is fully knowledgeable of these requirements so you can rest assured knowing you are hiring a team that has your medical facility’s best interests at heart. We start by laying out a design plan that incorporates exit routes and patient and medical staff needs. We then develop that plan through several plan approval meetings until we have a final plan to start construction. Our team works closely with your staff throughout the entire medical construction project to make sure you are in the loop on all the details.