Take advantage of the cost- and time-saving benefits of our design-build services

Design-Build is a type of construction where the same company is contracted to both design the type of building as well as actually erect it. Bear General Contractors has been doing design-build construction since our beginning. We can layout the floor plan with exit paths and create design elements as well as making sure your building fits all codes and standards set forth by your count. Hiring a design-build company minimizes risks by placing all of the responsibility of the project on one single company. This also allows us to better project a schedule and stick to it with minimal back and forth.

Concept design for Savoy Place, a construction project of Bear General Contractors

Our architecture and construction teams work together with one goal in mind. Choosing our Design-Build services allow us to appoint a main project manager who you can contact directly about all aspects of your project. Design-Build also allows us to have early knowledge of your total project costs and require less initial investment because all changes are being approved by your general contractor after we access our builders’ input.

The Advantages of Design-Build:

  • Cost Savings
  • Faster Delivery
  • Reduced Risk
  • Better Quality
  • Singular Responsibility
  • Decreased Administrative Burden
  • Reduced Litigation Claims

As you can see there are many advantages of doing a Design-Build project over a traditional Design-Bid-Build project. However, we can also collaborate with your design team on just the building side if you have already hired one. Contact Bear General Contractors and discuss what we can do for you today.