Construction Management

Our Construction Managers are ready to help manage your project

If you are looking for top-notch construction management services in Pensacola, then look no further than Bear General Contractors.

Hiring us means you will have a construction manager you can go to for all your construction management needs. Projects are made up of several moving parts:

  • The engineer, who designs the project.
  • The owner, who commissions the project.
  • The general contractor, who oversees operations and communicates with subcontractors.
Photo of the interior of Catholic High School Student Life Center, a commercial construction project of Bear General Contractors

Our team of experienced construction managers will be your go between, keeping all parties in line and focused on the project at hand. Our construction managers are uniquely qualified through a combination of education and work experience. They will work closely with the owner, architect, general contractor, and other stakeholders to determine the optimal sequence of construction operations and create a detailed budget and schedule. All while also establishing the plans for project safety and security to help the owners manage risk. Construction management also uses project management information systems and planning techniques, like critical path method, to establish the correct tactics to implement.

Effective construction management ensures a comprehensive overview of the project at each stage of preparation and execution. Having this component of your project makes it more likely that individual project components and the project as a whole remains within the defined time and cost frame that you and your partners have agreed upon.

No matter what hiccups occur, it is the construction manager’s job to ensure the successful completion of the project. We have a reputation at Bear General Contractors and will work diligently to ensure we take care of your project needs from start to finish.