Commercial Construction

What is Commercial Construction?

Commercial construction is building and leasing or selling spaces in the private sector. These spaces can include, but aren’t limited to, office buildings, manufacturing plants, medical constructions, warehouses and retail spaces.

Types of Commercial Construction

  • Hotels or Apartments
  • Industrial Structures
  • Institutional Facilities
  • Sports Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Facilities
  • Retail & Grocery Stores
  • Shopping Malls
Photo of Bodacious Olive, a construction project of Bear General Contractors

Commercial construction can be performed on many scales from small to medium to large

On the smaller scale, this can usually involve projects that relate to rebranding or changing the look of the building. Many projects that are small in scale are seen as projects that focus on renovating the interior design of a building. This includes taking the outdated designs of a space and giving it a face lift. This can include new floors, and sometimes even new technology.

Keeping a building in its prime condition takes a lot of work and time. Just because a building has been built doesn’t mean it can last forever without any updates. Structures can grow old, companies hire additional employees, and more facilities are needed to accommodate these changes. Medium-scale construction projects consist of clients that want to renovate, expand, or reconfigure their building. These projects can take more time than a smaller scale project.

Large-scale commercial construction projects are completely different than the two previous types. Unlike smaller projects, large-scale projects start off with no previous structure to work with. Large-scale projects are when a company builds structures such as high-rise buildings, schools, or healthcare facilities from scratch. You may have heard it called “from the ground up.”

Here at Bear General Contractors we have a reputation for being one of the most reliable commercial contractors in Pensacola. So if you happen to be in the market for a new commercial building project give us a call.