Feasibility Analysis Assistance

Early involvement in the conceptual stages of your project allows us the opportunity to assist with feasibility research to help you make the most informed, fact-based decisions for your project.

Site Selection and Utilization Analysis

We work alongside our clients and their chosen design professionals to assist with determining the plan that best suits their needs We work closely with a network of top-ranking real estate professionals to aid our clients in finding the right property for their commercial or residential venture. We also have a network of great architects, engineers, and draftsmen to help in finding the right plan and design team.



Constructability Analysis

  • Analyzing building systems and components to determine impact on budget, schedule, quality, and constructability.
  • General Constructability Reviews
  • Best Practices Assessment
  • Schematic Design Review
  • Scope of Work Reviews
  • Product Evaluations
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Coordination
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Assessment of Installation Methods



Pre-Construction Scheduling

Evaluating your project to determine the recommended timeframe for each phase of your project’s life cycle. Proactive development of a Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedule for your project, a phasing plan, a sequencing plan, and a milestone tracking system that enables us to set target goals to hit and monitor throughout the duration of your project. Just as a wise man once said, “That which gets measured, gets improved.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Conceptual Estimates & Budget Consultation

We work diligently for our clients to provide a conceptual estimate and cost analysis for a schematic concept or idea.



Quality Analysis

  • Product Evaluations and Reviews
  • Dissimilar Material Compatibility and jointing/fastening those materials
  • Quality Review for water intrusion, moisture, cracking, fading, and potential product failure
  • Installers’ qualifications reviews
  • Historic data showing probability of failure/success of particular products or product assemblies
  • Provide suggested list of quality procedures, testing methods, processes, and checks and balances

Value Engineering

Enhancing value is essential to success in building. The purpose of the value engineering process is to give the most cost effective design and construction without sacrificing quality.

Bid Management

Bid consultation services coincide with our general contracting and construction management abilities.