About Us

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not merely endured. The same is true of the construction process…it’s an experience of monumental growth, positive change, and empowerment. Providing a quality finished product is a given standard. Bear sells more than a quality finished product, we sell an unmatched positive construction experience throughout the entire building process from your vision to building completion. We stand united and ready to serve. Whether you have an informal inquiry, need help planning and budgeting your vision, or are ready to build, we value your trust and would be honored for the opportunity to discuss our abilities to serve your construction needs.

– Chris Jaubert
Bear could debatably and honorably be called a boutique general contractor, not large enough to lose sight of our clients’ goals, yet not too small to offer fiduciary and competency factors to take charge on our clients’ large, complex, bonded projects. We are a team united by a common purpose from humble yet proud roots stemming from the beautiful white beaches of Pensacola, FL and molded into one of the gulf coast’s most determined companies. Bear is poised to perform instrumentally on each project to achieve the ultimate goals of the client and each project team. Through unique management and construction practices, we aim to transform our clients’ visions into constructive reality. We invite you to share your vision with us and learn more about our firm to find out how Bear can be a resource to you.

Business Philosophy

“The Road to Success is always under construction”

We, at Bear, know that success is a journey, not a destination. There are many goals and accomplishments that we all strive for, not only daily, but also throughout our lifetimes; however, there is no finish line, and there is no shortcut to any place worth going. Each day is a gift and an opportunity.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking; Character means doing the right thing when no one is looking.”

At Bear, our growth and path to achieving lasting success is dependent upon client referrals, loyal repeat clientele, and satisfied project stakeholders. We aim to create lasting value, provide positive experiences during the construction phase, and produce quality buildings that we can be proud of.

Core Values

    • Integrity
      • Professionally doing what we said we were going to do, when we said we would do it, the way we said we would do it.
      • Being honest with all people, including ourselves.
      • Always acting with character, which means doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

    • Innovation
      • Seeking to constantly improve our group, our projects, and our industry by focusing on creative means of accomplishing our goals
      • The way to success is not a path that you follow, but a trail that you blaze and a legacy you leave behind.

    • Attitude
      • Maintaining and encouraging positive attitudes as we face the inevitable challenges in our work and personal lives
      • By controlling our attitudes, we control our outcomes and our destiny.

    • Effort
      • “The harder we work, the luckier we get.”
      • Recognizing that hard work is the foundation and means of achieving lasting success.
      • Effort is a quality within our control, and if you give forth all your effort while maintaining a positive attitude, you put yourself in a position to win.

    • Trust
      • Recognizing Character and Competence as the ingredients to trust
      • Striving to earn the trust of our clients, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, consultants, and our community
      • Placing the utmost importance on integrity in all of our business activities

    • Strength
      • Building Financial Strength for the greater good of our organization
      • Attaining Strength through knowledge of our industry, markets, and clients

    • Progress
      • Committing to constant improvement at every level within our organization.
      • “If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse”

  • Faith
    • Having faith in the skills and abilities of our team to get the job done right
    • Belief and trust in a higher power and a greater good



Bearing the Advantages

The fundamental role of a general contractor is to integrate, manage, and lead the safe and effective operations of all activities performed and completed in accordance with your desired result.

It starts with a burning desire, ignites into commitment, fueled by a definitive plan, our physical world is constructed from the alignment of vision and courage. Let the Bear team help you transform your vision into a structural legacy.

Bear is driven to be an effective team member and resource by integrating, planning, managing, and constructing the entire construction process for all of your building needs thereby producing finished projects that we can all be proud of.



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The Bear Approach lies at the core of Total Quality Management

Commitment. Preparation. Teamwork. These are the fundamentals of our Total Quality Management program, a continuing process of improvement and satisfaction. Committing to quality includes the application of a project-specific plan, focus and commitment to working the plan, and continuous improvement.

Where We Stand

Committing to Quality is only one piece of the puzzle, so Bear expands on that commitment by adding strict adherence to the Constructor Code of Ethics as published by the American Institute of Constructors which is just one of many educational designations held by Bear’s top management.



“Constructor Code of Ethics”

  1. A Constructor shall have full regard to the public interest in fulfilling his or her responsibilities to the employer or client.
  2. A Constructor shall not engage in any deceptive practice, or in any practice, which creates an unfair advantage for the Constructor or another.
  3. A Constructor shall not maliciously or recklessly injure or attempt to injure, whether directly or indirectly, the professional reputation of others.
  4. A Constructor shall ensure that when providing a service, which includes advice, such advice shall be fair and unbiased.
  5. A Constructor shall not divulge to any person, firm, or company, information of a confidential nature acquired during the course of professional activities
  6. A Constructor shall carry out responsibilities in accordance with current professional practice, so far as it lies within his or her power.
  7. A Constructor shall keep informed of new thought and development in the construction process appropriate to the type and level of his or her responsibilities and shall support research and the educational processes associated with the construction profession.